Legal Services Salary Benchmarking

Warrington Borough Council

Legal Services Salary Benchmarking

Recent recruitment ads for solicitors within the region have shown a large variance in the salaries offered from one organisation to another.  We are trying to get an overview of the average salaries for various posts and to assist in this would ask that you complete the attached form.  All responses will be treated confidentially, will be gratefully received and we are happy to share the results once compiled.  It is appreciated that there may be significant differences in workload, resource, type of work, etc. according to the type/size of authority/organisation however it should be possible to draw some useful comparisons to assist in and inform future recruitment.

One of the key issues that we have faced is that posts are often named differently in different organisations and this has hampered previous attempts to gain meaningful data to compare.  To avoid any such issues, please look at the definitions below and apply to the appropriate post within your organisation.

It would be helpful please if you could provide your response to Anne Wright at Warrington Borough Council by e-mail to by Friday 4th September.

We are grateful for your assistance.

In the event of any query please feel free to contact Anne by e-mail or on telephone number 01925 442029.

Download NWLC Salary Benchmark Form >>