Your Monthly E-Bulletin October 2019

Issue 73; October 2019


NWLC Annual Training Event – They think its all over – it is now!
As you read this latest E-Bulletin this year’s event will have taken place.
Lets hope it all went well.
The Management Board will be studying the feedback from the event in due course but if you attended
and didn’t give us your feedback – please feel free to do so now.
The Consortium AGM was also held as usual as part of the Annual Training day.
In the next edition hear the decisions made at the AGM as regards Management Board appointments
and level of Annual Subscriptions for 2020/21.
Solicitors Framework Re-Procurement – We are almost there!
The new Procurement Exercise is almost ready to go….
More news on progress and timetable in future editions.
New NWLC Quarterly Newsletter
A newsletter with no name….so far
A new newsletter for NWLC Member organisations is being launched this Autumn.
Content will include articles of topical interest from our Partner firms as well as NWLC reminders and a
bit of personal insight.
(Lets hope a name for this new newsletter was forthcoming at the Annual Training Event – it was worth a
bottle of wine!)
See what you think when its launched.

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