Your Monthly E-Bulletin – April 2020

Issue 78; April 2020
Coronavirus – FREE Consortium Training Programme 2019/20
As you already know as a result of the current Coronavirus pandemic all
Consortium training courses to the end of the current Annual Training Programme
(end June 2020) have now been CANCELLED.

Solicitors Framework 2020-2024 – Delay in go-live date
Our new Solicitors Framework will not be available now for 1st April.

Instead we are endeavouring to bring it to you no later than 1st May when it will be available from your
desktops on the website in the usual way.

Once we are live we’ll also have news about the Partner firms who will be working with us for the duration
of the new Framework and what they are offering to all Consortium members by way of ‘added value’.

In the interim we are leaving the current Framework firms’ rates up on the website for you.
Although any commissions with these firms after 31st March will not be under the cover of a procured
framework this will enable you to commission work in this efficient and convenient way until the new
Framework goes live.

We have confirmed our booking at Aintree for the next Consortium Annual Training Event. It will take
place on Tuesday 6th October 2020
Lets keep our fingers crossed that we can still hold our event without restriction!
Please save the date and hopefully you and your colleagues can join us there.

How might the NWLC and information held on the website (
help you during the current Coronavirus restrictions?
Here’s just a few ways:

NWLC Monthly E-Bulletin April 2020