Your Monthly E-Bulletin – August 2020

Launch of your new Consortium Quarterly

I hope you saw the launch edition of your new Consortium quarterly magazine which was published last

We’ve had some really positive feedback from you about not only the content but the modern look
and feel of the publication.
If you missed it check out the home page of the website to get a look, or follow this link

If you have any comments or feedback please let us know by email to Beryl Heath, Consortium Development
Manager on

Lets Hear About It
The next, Autumn, edition is already being planned and we would invite you, our readers, to contribute any
articles, features or updates that you think are worthy of publication to your colleagues. As far as format
goes anything from an article explaining an important case ruling and your part in it or a personal blog or
anything in between might hit the spot.
Articles should be a minimum of 150 words and a maximum of 500 words. (Supporting pictures of authors
would be preferred)
Please forward any contributions to Beryl Heath as soon as possible.

Summer Webinar Programme – now launched
Webinars are free to attend to staff from member organisations including client department staff of course.
To attend you need to register in advance using the individual link provided for each webinar. Registration
links are published in the secure area of the website – courses pages.

Read on to see the full Summer Webinar Programme

NWLC Monthly E-Bulletin August 2020