Your Monthly E-Bulletin – February 2021


Consortium Quarterly Winter edition, January 2021 – have you seen it? It is published to
the website but its available here
In this edition we have launched our Consortium Offer which for the very first time brings together and
highlights the FREE Added Value offers available to member organisations from our Partner Firms.
Please take a look at what is on offer and take advantage of them.
In the coming months we will be highlighting how some organisations are using this added value to best effect.

NWLC Sponsorship Support for Diploma in Local Government Law and Practice 2021/22
Applications for the NWLC sponsorship offer are now closed.
The Management Board are pleased with the level of interest and applications received. A small panel
drawn from the Board membership hope to make their selection decisions by mid – March to enable the
two successful applicants to make timely application to the Law Society for a place on the Diploma course.

Introducing our new Precedent Service – Latest Update
We will shortly be launching our NWLC Precedent Service on the Consortium website.
Our Partner firms will be contributing a range of precedents which will be available to download for free to staff from member organisations.
The precedents will be tailored for the use of member organisations and their work areas.
We also plan to develop the service to include a request service.

Your Consortium is now on LinkedIn
Find us here
We are looking to develop our profile in the future to make sure that we provide the information you want and need on this new additional platform. If there is anything you’d like to us to add to the profile please let us know.

Annual Training Programme 2020/21
Your FREE training programme is now well underway with live webinars provided over zoom or webex on line. All our Webinars are free to attend to staff from member organisations including client department staff of course. To attend a live webinar, you need to register in advance using the individual link provided for each webinar. Look out for the e-mail alerts which provide you with the individual registration links for upcoming webinars or go to the website secure area and click on ‘book a course’ to find the links.


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