Your Monthly E-Bulletin – April 2021


Your Solicitors Framework – Results May to September 2020
In this first 5 month period of the new Solicitors Framework the firms appointed to the Framework report
that they have received over 380 commissions from Consortium member organisations.
The total spend by all Member Organisations in the same period was over £2.1 million, thus delivering
savings of almost £500,000 as against otherwise prevailing fee levels.
Annual Training Event 2021
We are really hoping that we can welcome you to this year’s Annual Training Event on 5th October 2021
at Aintree in person and are starting our planning for it now.
Bookings are open and in future E-Bulletins we will keep you updated on our progress.
Introducing our new Precedent Service – Now Loading Documents
We are launching our NWLC Precedent Service on the Consortium website.
Our Partner firms are contributing a range of precedents which will be available to download for free to
staff from member organisations.
The precedents will be tailored for the use of member organisations and their work areas.
In the future we also plan to develop the service to include a request service.

Your Consortium is now on LinkedIn
Find us here
We are looking to develop our profile in the future to make sure that we provide the information you want and need on this new additional platform.
If there is anything you’d like to us to add to the profile please let us know

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