Your Monthly E-Bulletin – June 2021


NWLC Annual Training Event 2021
5th October 2021 at Aintree Racecourse
Covid restrictions permitting, we are hoping to welcome a good number of you to your Annual Training
Event 2021.
Bookings are now open – please email Beryl Heath at to reserve your place.

NWLC Precedent Service – now live
Your new NWLC Precedent Service is now live on the Consortium website.
To find the precedents just log into the website secure area and use the drop down list under the Publications
tab to select ‘Precedent Service’ to access the documents.
All the precedents have been provided by our Partner firms and new precedents will be added over time.
They cover a variety of subjects and are tailored for the use of member organisations and their work areas.
All of the published precedents are available to download for free to staff from member organisations.
We are also running a precedent service on demand so if you require a precedent which you cannot find you
can email and he will try and obtain it for you.
We would also welcome any precedents created by member organisations which you think would be of use
to colleagues.
Please email any such examples to Simon Goacher or Beryl Heath at

Barristers Portal 2021–2025
The NWLC Barristers Portal is being extended for a further period of 4 years to end March 2025.
Existing sets have been asked if they wish to remain on the Portal and we are looking to recruit new sets to
offer you an even greater range of chambers from whom to commission work.
If you know of a set of Chambers who might be interested in this opportunity please contact Beryl Heath at so she can arrange for them to receive a Registration Pack.
In next month’s E-Bulletin we will publish the new full list of Chambers on the Portal

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NWLC E-Bulletin June 2021